Anti Hail Fabric

The Anti-hail 18% ROME Net is woven with HDPE monofilaments, with additives to resist UV radiation and antioxidants, which confer excellent durability and resistance to the elements such as sun, rain and hail

Main applications of Anti Hail Net:

  • Anti-hail protection covers in fruit, such as: grape, apple, persimmon, guava, peach, nectarine and others;
  • Protection of vegetables such as tomato, lettuce and other crops subject to damage by hail;
  • Protection against birds, excessive wind, burning by the sun.
  • Coverage of reservoirs;
  • Anti-hail protection in parking lots of cars and machines.

Principais Vantagens:

  • A Tela plástica Antigranizo tem malha reforçada em toda sua extensão, borda para fixação e excelente resistência à tração.


  • Compressed rollers that facilitate transportation and reduce freight and storage costs;
  • Greater resistance / Greater firmness;
  • Greater protection against “burn” of fruits.

*Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Width: 2,10 | 2,60 | 3,10 | 4,20 | 5,20 | 6,20 m
Length: 50 m | 100 m
Color: White | Black
Shading: 18%
Product sheet: Antigranizo.pdf

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