Armed Grass Erosion Control Net

ROMA Grass is a surface erosion control system recommended for erodible soils and steep slopes, which provides conditions conducive to the growth and development of plant species.

In the Armed Grass system, plastic and extruded canvases of the HD line of Taurus are used, whose function is to shade the slope, conserving the soil moisture, thus ensuring a good germination index of the planted vegetation.

Main applications of the Armada Grass;

  • Slopes of highways and railways;
  • Canals of rivers, lakes;
  • Landscape intervention on high slope land.

The vegetation interweaves to the net during its growth, reinforcing it and forming a homogeneous vegetation cover, without fail, that protects the slope against erosion.
Our products and nets have low cost, ease and agility in the installation.

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  • Variety of mesh openings;
  • Ease of installation;;
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle;
  • Do not rust;
  • Do not degrade;
  • They are light;
  • Better finish. (Do not hurt the hands);
  • Can be used for fixing grass plaques and / or together with a biomanta (coconut fiber blanket) + hydroseminate;
  • Recommended overlays;
    On the sides of the roll = 10 – 15 cm
    At the end of the roll = 30 – 40 cm


  • Compact rollers;
  • Ease of storage;
  • Reduction in freight cost;
  • The Roma grass fabric has a higher tensile strength and therefore longer durability;

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Width: 1,00 | 1,50 | 2,00 m
Length: 50 m
Colors: Black | Green
Product: Grass Touro nº 4
Product sheet: Armed Grass.pdf

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