Drainage Geocomposite – Roma Drain

RomeDrain Geocomposite for Drainage is formed by RomaNet (georrede) of HDPE, joined in one or both faces to a nonwoven geotextile or still united in one face by a geotextile and in the other by an impermeable film of Polyethylene.

RomaDrain is a Drainage System used in Engineering works, having as main functions drainage of liquids and gases, retention of soil particles and residues, and mechanical protection.

The Drainage Geocomposite – RomaDrain – partially or completely replaces the thick layers of natural materials such as crushed stone, rolled pebble, gravel and sand.

RomaDrain has high flow capacity as well as excellent mechanical, chemical and weathering resistance.

RomaDrain main applications;

  • Drainage for landfill and industrial landfill;
  • Drainage of groundwater in irrigation and adduction canals;
  • Drainage of groundwater in ponds;
  • Vertical drainage in landfills;
  • Deep drainage and surface drainage on roads;
  • Leakage detection systems of the environmental protection system;
  • Mechanical protection of geomembrane;
  • The drainage of sports fields;
  • Suspended Drainage Gardens;
  • Drainage tunnel waterproofing systems.

It presents low cost and its installation is quick and easy.
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  • 1 side in Geotextile;
  • 2 sides in Geotextile;
  • 1 side in Geotextile + 1 side HDPE film.


  • Lower cost compared to the traditional sand and gravel drainage system;
  • Easy installation, without the need of specialized labor;
  • Shorter execution time;
  • Flexibility for use in places with limited space;
  • It avoids infiltrations in the waterproofing;
  • High flow capacity.


  • The RomaDrain Geocomposite has high mechanical strength (traction at rupture and traction in elongation).

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Width: 2,15 m
Length: de 30 m | **50 m
Colors: Black (Georrede) / Gray (Geotextil)
Specifications: Geocomposto Drenante.pdf

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