Vertical Drainage Geocomposite – Roma Drain Vertical

The Vertical Drainage Geocomposite – RomaDrain Vertical – is composed of a draining nucleus formed by small vertical walls in the two faces that form channels and is surrounded by a geotextile The Vertical Drainage Geocomposite is used as a process of improvement of soft soils in the acceleration of sedimrnt s, Reduce the time of primary densification from years to months.

RomaDrain Vertical is also used in the face drainage system in containments made with stapled soil.

The draining core features high flow capacity, excellent strength and flexibility.

The geotextile has excellent filtration characteristics, allowing free access of water to the draining core, while preventing clogging of the system, preventing the ingress of fine soil particles into the channels.

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  • Low cost;
  • Ease and agility in nailing;
  • High mechanical resistance to withstand crimping efforts;
  • Flexible product, accommodates to the terrain during the recharges;
  • Maintains 70% flow capacity, even deformed.


  • Better quality thermofixed geotextile;
  • Product in stock for immediate delivery.

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Width: 10 cm
Length: 200 m
Color: White
Core thickness: 5 mm
Datasheet: Geocomposto Drainage Vertical.pdf

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