Geo Net – Draining Core

GeoNetROMA – RomaNet – is produced in HDPE and is used as a Drainage Nucleus for the drainage of liquids and gases in engineering works. It partially or completely replaces thick layers of natural materials such as crushed stone, rolled pebble, gravel and sand.

GeoNet Roma has high flow capacity, as well as excellent mechanical resistance, chemical and weathering, provided by the composition of the product.

Main applications of RomaNet;

  • Drainage in Landfill and Industrial Landfill
  • Sub-surface drainage in Irrigation and Adduction Channels
  • Sub-surface drainage in Lagoas
  • Vertical drainage in retaining walls
  • Deep and superficial water drainage on highways
  • Leak detection system in environmental protection systems
  • Mechanical protection of geomembrane
  • Sports field drainage
  • Drainage of suspended gardens
  • Drainage in tunnel waterproofing systems.

Georrede Roma – RomaNet – maintains good flow capacity, even confined under high stress, due to the characteristics of the rigid core.

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  • Good compressive strength;
  • Good flow capacity under high pressures..


  • The RomaNet Geocomposto has high mechanical strength (traction at rupture and traction at stretching).

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Width: 2,0 m (900 e 1250 ) | 2,15 m (730)
Length: 50 m
Colors: Black
Grammar: 730 | 900 | 1250 g/m²
Product file: Georrede.pdf

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