HDPE Geomembrane Reservoir – Green and Blue

Roma offers the market a high quality HDPE Geomembrane Reservoir with one of the Green or Blue faces, thus improving aesthetics in permanent and intermediate coverage systems in landfills or ornamental ponds. The Green or Blue faces are made up of a special UV-stabilizing formulation specially designed to ensure product performance maintains the integrity of its appearance for longer and prevents surface cracking (remove from the text) during its lifetime. At the bottom of the Green or Blue surface, the core of the Geomembrane Reservoir consists of well dispersed carbon black to provide excellent UV resistance to ensure that it maintains its durability under exposed conditions.

Main advantages:

  • No soil cover is required;
  • It avoids typical problems associated with a cover soil, such as slope instability, landslides, rainfall saturation, etc;
  • In the absence of a cover soil, it is possible to work with higher slopes, which can significantly increase the allowable landfill volume, not to mention the additional savings;
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs.

Main Differentials:

  • We usually keep product in stock for immediate deliveries. – We have laboratory tests of the products;
  • We have partnerships with companies specialized in the installation of the product;
  • GeoRoma compared to competitive products has better mechanical characteristics. (Traction, drive and trait)

Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Width: 5,90
Length: 100 m
Colors: 1 Green Face – 1 Black Face or 1 Blue Face – 1 Black Face
Thickness: 0.80 mm (other thicknesses to order)
Product file: Green Geomembrane Reservoir.pdf

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