Luxinet – Net

LuxiNet , besides the intensity of the radiation, control their quality, optimizing the photosynthesis of the plants. For this, this line of meshes comes with special additivation for optical transmissivity.

Its multi-fiber technology, various types of wires in a single fabric, allows to work the radiation control in a unique way. The Luxinet yarns are not from ordinary monofilament but from Fiberlan, a technology exclusive to Rome, which makes it more durable and resistant.

LuxiNet already comes with reinforcements every 50 cm to suit the mobile system, which are highly effective when we use it in external fixed nets, guaranteeing even greater resistance in the structure.

LuxiNet is an innovative product and has the required patent.


  • Extremely fresh red shin;
  • Polyethylene monofilament;
  • High resistance to UV and I.V. Radiation;
  • Reinforced mesh throughout;
  • Great resistance to mechanical traction;
  • Reinforced edge.
  • Better climatic and agronomic performance


  • Compressed rollers that facilitate transportation and reduce freight and storage costs;
  • Raw material of quality compared to raffia fabrics;
  • Longer durability compared to raffia nets;
  • Luxinet is composed of flat monofilament yarns with a special function of reflection and refraction of light, providing diffused light and drastically reducing ultraviolet radiation that is harmful to plants;
  • Helps in thermal control;
  • Potentiates photosynthesis;
  • Has anti dust additive;
  • Flat wire (“Break” the drop of rain)

*Technical specifications are subject to change without notice..

Width: 2,35 m
Length: 50 | 100 m
Colors: Red and Silver / Silver and Silver | Urdume = Colorless
Shading / UV protection: 22% – 30% | 42% – 50% | 54% – 65%

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