Net for Shading Sombrence

The Shading Net Sombrence is woven with HDPE monofilaments, with additives to resist UV radiation and antioxidants, which give excellent durability against the elements. It is a plastic fabric woven with excellent characteristics for agricultural use, with reinforced mesh throughout and reinforced edge for attachment. Its excellent quality and great resistance to mechanical traction prevent it from fraying or tearing in your installation. It has a proven minimum durability of 10 years

Main Net Shade Black applications:

  • Shading and protection of plants, flowers and seedlings
  • Protection and lateral closure of greenhouses for insect barrier
  • Coverage of fish farming tanks, frogs, escargot
  • Coverage of reservoirs.
  • Shading of covered sheds to reduce temperatures in Cattle and pigs in feedlot.
  • Greater comfort to the animals, increasing the milk production by reduction of the thermal stress.


** ** Measures only valid for 18% black nets


  • Proven minimum durability of up to 10 years for nets in Black and up to 5 years for nets in white;
  • High resistance to UV radiation;
  • Reinforced edges for fixing;
  • Great resistance to mechanical traction;
  • Reinforcement every 15 cm in the nets of 30% / 40% and 50%;
  • Controlled shading and protection;
  • Greater firmness / higher resistance;
  • protection against “burn” on fruits.


  • The nets of 18% / 30% / 40% and 50% have a greater reinforcement in the wires compared to the nets of the competition;
  • Compressed rollers that facilitate transportation and reduce freight and storage costs;
  • Technical reports of shading durability.

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

** Medidas válidas somente para as Telas de 18% na cor preta

Width: 1,50 | 2,20** | 2,60** | 3,00 | 4,40** | 5,20** | 6,20** m
Length: 50 m
Colors: Preta
Shading: 18% | 30% | 40% | 50% | 60% | 70% | 80%
Product Sheet: Sombreamento.pdf

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