Square Net Plastic Fabric

Taurus Square Siding Nets are extruded nets made of virgin and high pigment polypropylene for better viewing.

The Touro Square Siding Net is used in works with risk area with the function of signaling and delimitation of works, demarcation of areas, sporting events, delimitation of spaces, areas of danger or with restricted access, among many other purposes.

Main applications of the Net Taurus Square Siding:

  • Signaling of buildings, works and events (NR 18 foresees their use);
  • Visual delimitation of areas in general.


  • Ease of installation;
  • Lightness;
  • Flexibility;
  • Do not rust;
  • Finishing at the edges;
  • It has excellent visualization given the high concentration of pigment in its mixture.


  • Rome has its own manufacturing;
  • 10 times stronger than imported nets;
  • 2 times more resistant than the nets of competitors;
  • High concentration of pigment in a mixture;
  • Longer durability;
  • Compressed rollers that facilitate transportation and reduce freight and storage costs;
  • Raw material virgin.

*Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Width: 1,20 m
Length: 50 m
Colors: Laranja
Mesh Opening: 22x73mm | 22×75 mm | 25×75 mm | 76 X 30 mm
Product Datasheet: Briefing Tela_Touro_Square_Tapume.pdf

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