Trincheira Drenante – RomaDrain TD

The Romadrain Trincheira Drenante Geocomposite is a product widely used in road works (road drainage), parking lots, sports fields, etc. Presenting numerous advantages, both technical and constructive as well as economic when compared to traditional drainage systems. This new system already incorporates a bag with a guide tape to facilitate the introduction / packaging of a drain tube in the bag *.

* This item is not part of the product


  • High flow capacity;
  • Improves surface runoff;
  • Lower the water table;
  • Easy sizing;
  • It avoids the transport of soil particles and the consequent fouling of the drainage system;
  • Easy installation / insertion of the drain tube in the bag with the help of the guide tape;
  • Does not require specialized labor for installation;
  • Non-contaminating and resistant to chemical and biological attacks;
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and simple to install;
  • Greater efficiency, economy and fastness efficient economical and fast when compared with other traditional solutions;
  • Indicated especially for Road Systems and Sports Fields.


  • The Geocomposto Roma has high mechanical strength (traction at rupture and traction at elongation).

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Width: 0,60 | 1,0 m
Length: 30 m
Colors: Black (Georrede) / Gray (Geotextile)
Product Datasheet: Briefing Geocomposto Trench Drenante.pdf

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