Underlayment and Mortar Net

ROMA TABLET and ROOF TREES are produced in HDPE and have the advantage of a variety of mesh opening, easy installation, do not hurt the professionals during the handling and do not rust.

Underlay Fabric
The net was developed to replace the metallic and galvanized nets in the reinforcement of subfloor, avoiding cracks and cracks with the movement that occurs on the concrete structure, giving greater resistance and guarantee in the work.
Note: Underlayment Net is not recommended for high load handling floors, high concentration floors or industrial floors.

Mortar Net
It was developed to replace the metallic and galvanized nets as reinforcement in the mortar. Its application is vertical (walls), with the function of avoiding cracks and cracks that can arise with the dilation and movement of the structure, giving greater resistance. It can also be applied to asphalt blanket anchorage in areas requiring waterproofing giving total guarantee in the work. (We have technical reports performed in external laboratories).

Note: There is no estimated useful life of the Plastic Nets because the polyethylene does not degrade, in contrast the galvanized net in the course of time is deteriorating due to the rust and thus losing its functions causing spots on the concret.

Its installation is very easy, the handling of plastic film coils are more favorable because they are lighter than those of iron. Its application does not require specialized labor.


  • Armed mortar in the mechanical protection of waterproofing;
  • Encunhamento (meeting of pillars and beams with masonry);
  • Mortar anchoring for PVC pipe linings;
  • Replace, with greater efficiency, the traditional stucco and galvanized nets used for this function;
  • Execution of half cane in waterproofing slabs;

*Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Width: 1,00 | 1,50 e 2,00 m
Length: 50 m
Colors: Black
Mesh Opening: 22 and 25 mm (Underlayment) – Taurus Net nº 4 | 11 and 13 mm (Mortar) – Net Taurus nº 5
Product sheet: Contrapiso_Argamassa.pdf

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